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3 Uncommon Things You Should Always Insure

When it comes to insurance, most people immediately think of the usual suspects—home insurance, car insurance, life insurance. While Sheally Insurance Group offers top-quality insurance product for these everyday occasions, there are other, less common situations that also require insurance. Because these situations don’t apply to everyone, it can be easy but not advisable to overlook them. Just because they’re uncommon doesn’t mean they aren’t useful, worthwhile, and—in some cases—legally required. Not sure what we’re talking about? Keep reading!

ATV Insurance  

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are meant for dangerous trails. Thanks to their low-pressure tires, they can handle just about anything. Because of these capabilities, many states require insurance to operate them, especially since these vehicles are not always covered under homeowner’s insurance. Much like our motorcycle coverage, Sheally Insurance Group offers ATV insurance that will cover collision, bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured motorists. Keep your toys and yourself safe, and get a quote today.  

Golf Car Insurance  

Beautiful golf courses and coastal living go hand-in-hand. If you love to golf, you probably own a golf cart—and that golf cart should be insured. Sometimes, it’s even required by your HOA. It all depends on how you use your golf cart. If you drive it anywhere other than the green, such as around an apartment complex, through a neighborhood, or to the local store, then you’ll need the proper insurance. Accidents happen, and at the end of the day a golf cart is a vehicle. Treat it like one by insuring it and drive confidently in any direction.

Umbrella Insurance

Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance, also known simply as Umbrella Insurance, has nothing to do with inclement weather. It is extra liability insurance designed to protect you from lawsuits and protect your assets. This insurance kicks in only after your homeowners, auto, or boat insurance has reached its limit. It also covers injuries, property damage, certain lawsuits, and other situations that might fall outside of your other coverage. Think of it as the icing on the insurance cake!

At Sheally Insurance Group, we’re committed to finding you the insurance that fits your life and values, whether those include a coastal vacation home or a recreational vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services and get a quote for whatever you need to protect.

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