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How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Summertime sunshine tends to get people out of the house; sometimes that means an afternoon at the pool, taking the kids to camps, or day trips to the beach. It’s also a common season for extended travel, for exploring a new place, or even revisiting friends and family in a more familiar destination. But while you’re on your last vacation of the summer, who’s making sure your home stays a safe place to which you can return?

While there are, of course, no guarantees, we do have some tips for securing your house that should make you feel more at ease with your travel plans and help wrap up your summer on a high note.

Bring on a house-sitter

Even if you can’t find a trusted friend or neighbor willing to stay in your house fulltime while you’re gone, having someone come in and out to check the mail or feed the fish once or twice a day gives the illusion of occupancy (and cuts down a potentially long list of chores to catch up on when you get back). You can ask your house-sitter to leave a porch light on at night, to open or close the blinds periodically: anything that might deter an intruder from bursting in on a perceived daily routine.

Stow away your valuables

While you may not look forward to including any additional packing on your pre-vacation checklist, it never hurts to stash your own personal treasures in a secret spot like a safe or locked cabinet, just in case someone does come creeping into your space. Some things, understandably, can’t necessarily be locked away, but there are a few you might be able to protect in another way. Insurance isn’t just for homes, health and cars, after all; see these less common situations and feel free to ask about insurance options for your prized possessions before you leave home.  

Be discreet

As fun as it might seem to flaunt how much fun you’re having to the folks back home, or share that perfect beach selfie on Twitter or Instagram, the safest policy for social media use while abroad is to limit your posts so as not to draw attention to the fact that no one is home.

Save sharing your photos for when you get back, and only tell trusted friends and family members about vacations ahead of time; this way, you minimilize the risk that someone else takes note of your absence and decides to take advantage.

No matter where you’re headed or for how long you’ll be gone, your home should be a safe haven to return to; these and many other precautions can help put you at ease and make that vacation all the dreamier. Contact us here at Sheally Insurance Group for any insurance needs you might want to address before you head off on that last summer excursion – we’re always happy to help!    

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