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What Is Pet Insurance (and Why Might You Need It)?

When a new friend joins your home, there are a thousand things on your to-do list. And if you’ve never had a pet before, the tasks that ultimately get your companion settled into your lifestyle can seem never-ending, and maybe even a bit dauntless. But in all the excitement, have you taken the time to consider having your pet insured?

Many insurance companies now offer pet insurance coverage packages to their clients, including Nationwide. These plans typically offer relief on bills from the vet for everything from injuries to wellness exams, and can be specifically tailored for healthcare for cats or dogs.

Depending on the coverage you decide best suits you and your pet, you might find yourself shouldering more or less veterinary bills from the start. Don’t worry – this is where those alternating plans come into play. The main thing to keep in mind is that most pet insurance operates somewhat differently than a human’s health insurance: namely, it relies on a system of owner reimbursement. This means that you would put forward the billed amount, then through a claim and vet note obtain your designated reimbursement from the insurance agency. Of course, you’ll need to compare your options just as you would with insurance plans for yourself, but there’s plenty of alternatives for just about any budget, making coverage an affordable option since you have the promise of assistance in the future.

But why would anyone think to take out an insurance policy on his or her furry friend?

Just as is the case with humans, domesticated animals are in need of regular visits to their own doctor. For some, these trips become even more frequent as pets get older, or unfortunately contract an illness that necessitates costly medicine or treatment. In these cases, the medical bills begin to pile up and, on top of the stress of caring for an ailing pet, you would then be saddled with the financial worries with no relief in sight. With a reliable plan, you would at least have the promise of reimbursement to help you and your vet see to your pet’s every need until he or she is well again.

If you’re interested in insuring your companion, look no further than a trusted agent before making any solid decisions. Exactly as you would for your own health plan, you’ll want an experienced professional to take a glance at any particulars relating to your pet’s well-being.

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